The purpose of the thief hatch is to work in tandem with the vent valve to minimize the escape of light ends of crude in lease storage tanks by maintaining a pressure on the tank. A vacuum relief function is also standard to prevent a suction or draw down from collapsing the tank. The thief hatch permits access to the contents of the tank for sampling and gauging.

  • Base and Lid Size: Nominal 8″ Round
  • Bolt Pattern: 16 Holes at 10 3/8″ Circle (API)
  • Construction: All Teflon Coated Aluminum Castings
  • System Operations: Spring Loaded Pressure and Vacuum
  • Standard Settings: 4 Oz. Pressure 0.4 Oz. Vacuum
  • Standard Settings of 4.0 Ounce Pressure and 0.4 Ounce Vacuum With Optional Pressure Springs for 2, 6, 8, 12, and 16 Ounce Settings