Protein Analyzers

Quantifying proteins by monitoring UV fluorescence has become a crucial Protein Analyzer tool in bio-pharmaceutical and bio-process applications due to its robustness, high sensitivity, and non-evasiveness. By utilizing the intrinsic fluorescence of proteins, a concentration measurement can be made using our PX2+ Photometer with our Front Surface Fluorescence Probe. Intrinsic fluorescence is also a strong indicator of protein structure and function and can give researchers and technicians understanding of the protein’s conformation states or activity under various conditions like pH and temperature. CST’s Protein Fluorescence Analyzer is designed for continuous, real-time monitoring of proteins without the need for expensive dyes or labeling.


  • Continuously and accurately measures protein concentration by monitoring UV absorbance.
    ◊ The all-inclusive Protein Absorbance Analyzer comes preassembled in a waterproof NEMA4X enclosure with a dedicated sample flow cell outside of the enclosure.
  • The analyzer includes a PX2+ Photometer with two fiber optic cables and a flow cell with two optical interface couplers.
    ◊ UV light source is non-destructive to the sample.
    ◊ Easy to use software with a digital touch display allows users to view data and calibrate.
    ◊ High reliability with a typical light source lifetime of 5 years.
    ◊ Standard data outputs include MODBUS, 4-20mA, and USB to CST Software.
    ◊ Low cost of ownership with no routine maintenance or expensive dyes or labeling required.