The LevelMaster™ Liquid Level Sensor, a component of the EPG LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring & Control System, is used to accurately measure liquid levels and transmit signals to the level meter.

The EPG submersible level transducers - level sensors are specifically designed to meet the rigorous environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control. They can be configured to perform to specifications under the most adverse, reactive conditions including, side-slope risers, wells, wet wells, tanks, sumps, reservoirs and settling ponds.

  • Made for rugged use in harsh environments
  • 316 stainless steel construction, small diameter, easy to install
  • Compatible with the EPG SurePump™ or can be used in stand alone applications
  • Fully submersible in any liquid, sinks easily to any depth (weighs 7 oz.)
  • Withstands outside interference, extremely accurate continuous measurement
  • Depth range of 0-28” thru 0-690’ (0-1 PSI thru 0-300 PSI). Other models available
  • Sensor lead wire includes breather tube for atmospheric pressure compensation
Moisture Protection
  • Our level sensors are equipped with a custom, vented cable.
  • The vented cable provides an atmospheric reference for the sensor, which is necessary for ensuring the highest possible accuracy when making a level measurement.
  • It must be noted that if left unprotected, it provides a pathway for water vapor to enter the level transducer.
  • This vapor will condense into water and could cause an offset in the transducer's output or cause permanent damage.
  • For these reasons, a desiccant-filled vent filter and EPG Bellows unit is provided in the enclosure where the level sensor cable begins.
Standard Depth Range
  • 0-55″ thru 0-460′ (0-2 PSI thru 0-300PSI)
  • Additional Ranges Available
Available Sensor Cables
  • Polyurethane-jacketed with Kevlar strength members and a self-sealing water block
  • Tefzel-jacketed for high abrasion or sharp object applications or in environments not compatable with polyurethane