Liquid Flow Meter Sensors


EPG Companies Flow Sensor uses a special axle and dual magnet drum design that takes the magnets out of the paddles. One major problem with most paddlewheel-type flow sensors having magnets in the paddles is that metal particles tend to stick to the magnets. The collecting material then causes a change in the flow characteristics in the paddle. EPG's dual magnetic drum design, with rapidly changing polarity and fluid velocity, causes the metallic particles to drop off into the flow stream and then are swept away.

Flow Meter Sensor Features

  • Low cost
  • 2 year warranty
  • High reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide range 2 – 10,000 GPM
  • Pipe sizes from 3/4″- 14″
  • Patented six blade, non-magnetic design
  • Available in Delrin or Kynar
  • One paddle wheel fits ALL SIZES
  • Transmits up to 1,000 feet without the need for additional amplifiers
  • Direct logic pulse output
  • Flow velocities range of 1.5 to 27 fps
  • Operating pressure to 200 PSIG
  • Liquid temperatures to 250° F