High Efficiency Burners

The ACL Low NoX High Efficiency Combustion Burner Assembly includes the high aspiration mixer, venturi barrel and optimizer nozzle. This assembly provides high combustion efficiency, low emissions, and increased flame stability. The low emissions will significantly reduce additions to Ground Level Ozone. Increased Flame Stability will reduce the release of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds Un-Burnt Natural Gas).


Patented Burner
Primary air control
Low fire / High fire through single burner or separate pilot
High efficiencies ( typically 80%)
Safe and reliable ignition / flame sensing
Extremely stable at wide range of pressures ( 0.5-15 psi )
Ideal for burning low pressure gases such as tank vapors
Quiet operation
Reduced emissions (No CO and low Nox )
No flame impingement on fire tubes
No flame lift-off
Unique flame profile that maximizes heat transfer