Liquid Flow Meter

FMSA Liquid Flow Monitoring System

EPG's Stand Alone Flow Meter Liquid Flow Monitoring System provides continuous recording of liquid flow rate and total flow of groundwater, leachate and process water. The system is available in a wide variety of user friendly configurations. The stand alone liquid flow meter features a microprocessor based digital display controller. The system runs an a 115 Volt, 60 Hertz, single phase power supply. The front panel is menu driven to provide easy start up and calibration. The flow meter retains full function in temperatures between 0° and 55° C. Low temperature range can be extended with the optional panel heater. Flow sensors are available in several sizes and configurations to fit most applications.

There are four main reasons to monitor and measure flow:

• Custody Transfer (Buying or Selling Liquid)
• Information / Data
• Permit Compliance
• Monitor System Health

Liquid Flow Meter Features
Flow Meter Features
  • UL listed
  • Digital LED display
  • Factory tested
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Field programmable

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