The Patented* Design of QMax ETS Maximizes the Performance of all types of electric tracing. Without QMax, much of the length of these systems is heating the airspace around the pipe and relying on ineffective convection heat transfer to heat the pipe and process. This causes localized hot and cold spots along the pipe. QMax ETS creates a conductive path between the electric tracing and the pipe and increases the heating surface area to as much as 2 inches per strip. The energy from the electric tracing is efficiently and effectively transferred into the pipe and process. QMax ETS also extends the life of electric tracin by reducing the temperature of the cable during heating cycles.


QMax ETS Offers Consistent Results whether the goal is:
•  Process Temperature Maintenance
•  Minimum Pipe Wall Temperature Maintenance
•  Light-duty Process Heat-Up
•  Critical Process Freeze Protection


QMax ETS Technical Specifications:

  • Material:  6063-T5 Aluminum

  • Thermal Conductivity: ~1450 BTU/hr ft^2 °F (~209 W/m-K)

  • Maximum Temperature Limitation: 750 °F (399 °C)

  • Weight:  ~ 0.45 lb/ft  (without cable, HTC or Banding)