Ejector Solutions For All Your Processes

With designs based on both theoretical and empirical knowledge, we offer the world's leading manufacturer brand of ejector solutions since 1973. At ZIRCO we care about the safe and smooth operation of our clients/customers job processes and to make it easier, we partnered with TRANSVAC a leading supplier in ejectors and ejector systems. Using the very latest design and construction techniques, we can guarantee the performance of your process flow using our brand of ejectors that are safe to install, commission, operate and upgrade


Ejectors operate by increasing the velocity of a high pressure (HP) fluid as it passes through the nozzle, a low pressure region is created within the Ejector. This region entrains and compresses the secondary low pressure (LP) stream which we call the suction fluid. As the combined HP and LP streams pass through the Ejector’s diffuser section, the velocity decreases and the pressure is regained, resulting in an intermediate pressure, which lies somewhere between the LP and HP inlet pressures.

Transvac Ejectors Patented Design:

- Change Nozzle and Diffuser into existing shell
– Gas to gas, liquid to liquid or liquid to gas compression
– No moving parts on actual ejector
– Handles solids and two-phase flow
– No maintenance
– Relatively small footprint / low weight
– No emissions
– Simple design and control