In the 1980’s we started providing good venting solutions to oil& gas companies, which helped combat their environmental problems. ZIRCO became a solution provider, bringing into the market new burner management systems, interface detection, ppm measurements of oil & water, btex elimination and heat tracing solutions for the sulfur industry.

At ZIRCO, we are passionate about the success of our clients/customers, that is why we offer the most valuable, cost effective solutions. Our products help to prevent hazardous work incidents from occurring. Environmental safety is valuable to us, so we partner with leading innovative brands, with the best in class technology to help companies that provide basic amenities improve the quality of life – Energy, food & beverage, medical supplies,water, pulp & paper. We see every challenge as an opportunity. Let us make your job easier.

Our Mission – Saving the Planet

To provide innovative environmental solutions that: help COMBAT environmental crisis, IMPROVE the quality of life and INSPIRE healthy and safe communities, while providing a place for hardworking, dedicated and ethical people who believe in the company and stand by these values.

ZIRCO’s Purpose

is thinking outside the box to provide innovative solutions to our customers, using industry tailored knowledge and unmatched expertise.

Core Values

As we continue to provide our customers with exceptional service, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH and SAFETY remain our goal. Our five values give you an insight into our daily operation standards and company behavior.

Be curious, adventurous, creative and never stop learning.


Know and do what is right.


We love what we do and work to be the best at it.


Treating others the way you want to be treated.


Take ownership

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