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Eliminating Trapped Air in Your Discharge Pipeline – Quick Tip

If air is trapped in your discharge pipeline, your pumps are working harder to overcome air pockets and move the liquid. When air enters the system, it accumulates into air pockets. Without preventative measures, these air pockets create air lock, line surges and other adverse conditions leading to increased maintenance, repair and/or excessive operating expenses.

Trapped air discharge pipelines

Here are Some Simple and Inexpensive Solutions Using EPG Valves

1) Air release valves

These have a float and linkage mechanism that senses and releases air under pressure but it is usually limited to the amount of air it can admit and exhaust.

2) Air/vacuum valves

These exhaust air during pipeline filling/start-up via a float that rises with liquid level. In addition, if a pressure loss or vacuum condition occurs, the float will drop and air will be admitted into the pipeline.

3) Combination air valves

These combine the function of both the Air Release and the Air/Vacuum valve. We recommend using this air valve because it contains an air release orifice and a vacuum port in one assembly and, unlike the other valves; it can be used at high points and at any point in the pipeline system, providing added air release and protection.

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