Winter Considerations for your Flame Arrestors: |

Flame Arrestors are passive devices that require no external power to do their job which is to protect your equipment from flame flash back. All other options require some sort of power or human interface in order to function properly and are therefore subject to failure.

Remember that flame arrestors, like your other plant equipment need regular maintenance.

In the winter flame arrestors may plug and freeze off.

There are options to mitigate this.

1) Mount the arrestor on an angle of at least 45 degrees, this allows liquids to drain away from the cell element through a drain plug in the transition end

Zirco Thermal Reusable Insulation Blankets: |


ZIRCO has custom made insulation blankets for the complete line of Enardo PVRV valves.
Blankets can be made for vents, valves, flanges and more
Customized with pre-installed electrical heat tracing
Customized for equipment with permanent heat tracing lines installed.
Standard materials are 18 oz. Teflon or 17 oz. Silicon cloth, glass blown fiber insulation.
Customized for temperature ranges & chemical resistance

EPG Pump Installation Guideline: |

Installation Checklist  

The success of a Pumps & Controls installation begins at the design stage of each project and carries through to that very moment a new pump is cycled for the first time.

If you are the consultant, you are charged with meeting regulator requirements, fulfilling the needs of the landfill, and doing so in a cost effective manner. 

As the contractor, you may not be asked to take ownership of the system but your reputation is riding on a system that functions as intended. Your attention to detail during the installation will pay off in the future.  

Regional engineers and

Proper Venting of Storage Tanks: |

Proper venting of oilfield storage tanks has always been a concern but recently environmental concerns and regulation changes have made it a priority. Below is a list of some of the equipment one can use on storage tanks to ensure proper venting is addressed: The list is in the correct order for set points from the lowest to the highest.

Blanket Valve VRU (Vapour Recovery Unit)

PVRV (Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve)

Thief Hatch EPRV (Emergency Pressure Relief Vent)

Proper venting must be looked at as system. The above listed devices have to be engineered so that their set points do not interfere with each

Tank Blanketing Valves: |

Tank blanketing valves are commonly used in tank storage systems where it is desirable to reduce the hazards associated with flammable liquids being vented to the atmosphere, to minimize product contamination from drawing air into the tank's vapor space, to minimize evaporation losses (and therefore product losses), to minimize internal corrosion from air or moisture drawn into the tank and to prevent the tank from collapsing due to a vacuum condition.

Blanketing Valves are usually installed on top of a storage tank (along with a PVRV and an EPRV as required) and use the supply of high pressure gas to maintain

Fluorosilicone Rubber: |


Fluorosilicone rubber is an inorganic "hybrid" elastomer which combines the wide temperature range spectrum of silicone with some of the chemical resistance of fluorocarbon rubber. Primary use is in fuel delivery systems. Fluorosilicone rubber offers the best low temperature properties of any oil resistant rubber. Like all compounds based on silicone rubber, fluorosilicones have relatively low tear strength, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength, and therefore, are generally not suited to dynamic applications.


Fluorosilicone Rubber

Physical Properties*


Chemical Resistance*


Operating Temperature 

-65 to 450 °F
*Excellent, good, fair and poor are intended to