Water Draw Off Valve


Sizes: 2, 3, and 4 inches
Body: Cast steel
Stems: Stainless steel
Seat Rings: Bronze or stainless steel
Valves: Bronze or stainless steel
Insert: Teflon
The OCECO Types V-143 and V-144 Water Draw Off Valves are the most widely specified valve, of their type, in the industry. These double poppet valves are packless and feature high flow even at low pressure. Close attention to the design and manufacture of each component has resulted in the highest quality product available.
The inner and outer valves – see diagram – operate on the same stem. The inner valve, of either bronze or stainless steel trim, seats first. This permits the chamber between the inner and outer valve to drain before the outer valve is closed. Since the inner valve is located well inside the tank, insulated by the air chamber between the inner and outer valve, and surrounded by tank products, these valves are non-freezing under all normal conditions.
OCECO V-143 valves are pipe threaded for installation in the tank. OCECO V-144 valves, of identical construction are fitted for flange mounting. A special eccentric adapter is available, at extra charge, for pipe connection to the sump.