Portable Water Anaylzer

The Portable water unit consist of our highly successful  NIR based PX2 transmitter, our patented transmission probe, intuitive user software, sample collection bottles, all packaged  in a light weight ruggedPortable Water Pic Pelican suitcase. 

The Portable water monitoring system operates in Absorbance mode and produces a current output as well as a LOG file which the user can use to record his measurements and all the diagnostic data associated with his field deployable monitoring system.  Users can easily annotate each analysis as they are measured through the touch screen PC tablet integrated in the case. Additionally,there is a simple automated “Auto-Tune” function that allows the user to pre-calibrate prior to visiting the analysis site.  One or several calibrations can be stored and recalled for use in the field depending on the sample oil and concentration ranges to be measured. 

Customers can measure samples directly from the glass or Nalgene bottles supplied or spot check by inserting the probe directly in to a pipeline or sample containment vessels.