Pipeline Guardian

image017Pipeline leak detection hardware and software for turnkey LDS anywhere

Complete range of advanced LDS hardware and software to fill any gap in your leak detection program (API 1175)

Designed to overcome traditional LDS limitations – measurement uncertainties of conventional pipeline instrumentation, lack of instrumentation in the right locations and lack of infrastructure at those locations

Pipeline Guardian hardware

Guardian master control panel

  • Intelligent panel houses the components to collect, analyze and transmit LDS data
  • On-board data storage saves data during long communication outages
  • Communications options, TCP/IP, line of sight radio, GSM, satellite uplink
  • EXd packing option
  • Local processor options for locations with limited comms. The data is processed locally and leak detection results are passed back to the pipeline control center
  • All power options – 110-220v line, solar power, or 24v DC


Pipeline Guardian software

  • Intelligent flow balance (Wave Flow)
  • Negative pressure wave
  • Dynamic model analysis (pressure/flow rate modeling)
  • Acoustic noise correlation