Oil in Water Analyzers

Oil in Water AnalyzersMost hydrocarbon streams contain a mixture of components. The complexity of these mixtures makes the measurement of hydrocarbons in water challenging. When used in conjunction with our Front Surface Fluorescence Probe, our in-line process PX2 photometric transmitter uses fluorescence to detect the aromatic fraction of dissolved, dispersed, and emulsified hydrocarbons in water.

  • Custom Sensors uses fluorescence or absorbance based analysis to measure oil in water.
  • Measurement range PPB to high PPM/low%
  • Options:
    • In-line retractable front surface probe
    • Extraction with sample homogenization
    • Automated extraction system for liquid/liquid solvent extraction
    • Portable battery powered unit
  • Auto-tune sensor optimization and calibration
  • Intuitive user interface