Level Sensors

level-sensorsThe LevelMaster™ Liquid Level Sensor, a component of the EPG LevelMaster™ Level Monitoring & Control System, is used to accurately measure liquid levels and transmit signals to the level meter.

  • Made for rugged use in harsh environments
  • 316 stainless steel construction, small diameter, easy to install
  • Compatible with the EPG SurePump™ or can be used in stand alone applications
  • Fully submersible in any liquid, sinks easily to any depth (weighs 7 oz.)
  • Withstands outside interference, extremely accurate continuous measurement
  • Depth range of 0-28” thru 0-690’ (0-1 PSI thru 0-300 PSI). Other models available
  • Sensor lead wire includes breather tube for atmospheric pressure compensation