H2S Analyzers

h2sCustom Sensors H2S analyzers is unlike current metal oxide or electrochemical type sensors which suffer from poisoning, sluggish response, sensor shelf life or the requirements for refreshing with air, Custom Sensors H2S analyzer uses a fiber optic based photometer solution that provides end users with an optical UV absorption method that is immune to poisoning from exposure to high concentrations, has no consumable sensor and does not depend on air for the measurement to occur.

  • Wide Range: monitor 0-100% or as low as 0-10ppm.
  • Auto-Tune: ­ll the low cell with zero gas and let Auto-Cal determine the optimal settings.
  • Pressure/Temp Correction: dedicated outputs for pressure/temp allow for automatic measurement correction.
  • Robust: 3000psi max at inlet, regulated down to 500psi max within the ‑ow cell.
  • 1 Consumable: Xe light source typically lasts ~5 years.
  • Solid State: no moving parts; gas is brought
  • directly from process and analyzed in ‑ow cell.
  • Fiber Optic Sample Interface: only the sealed optics contact the sample; since the electronics are connected to the sample interface via ­fiber optic cable, the electronics can be installed away from the process.
  • Area Specific: various enclosure options include NEMA 4X, C1D1, and C1D2 (ask about others)