Atmos Wave

Market leading pressure based leak and theft detection technology

Atmos Wave detects the rarefaction wave caused by a leak in a pipeline. When a leak occurs, a rarefaction wave travels in both directions along a pipeline. Using fast response pressure meters Atmos Wave filters the pressure signals to find those with the frequency and magnitude of a leak. The time at which the pressure signal reaches each pressure meter is used to determine the location of the leak extremely accurately.

  • Detection time within minutes – fixed by the section under monitoring (eg typically about 4-5 minutes for a 100km pipeline section including processing time)
  • Performance proven on pipeline sections up to 240km with no intermediate pressure sensors
  • Proven to detect a leak orifice down to 1mm diameter
  • Typical achievable sensitivity (with no false alarms) is below 0.5% of the pipeline‚Äôs nominal flow rate