Atmos Sim

Real-Time Transient Model-based leak detection

Atmos-SimAtmos SIM RTTM (Real Time Transient Model) leak detection continuously calculates the volume balance. This volume balance is obtained by calculating the total flow into the system minus the total flow out of the system corrected by the inventory changes calculated by Atmos SIM. The volume balance is statistically analyzed by the sequential probability ratio test (SPRT), which calculates the ratio of leak probability over no-leak probability. This ratio is then tested against certain threshold values to provide leak warnings/alarms.

  • Detection of leaks under steady state and transient running and shut-in conditions
  • Configuration of several leak sizes to optimize the leak detection time for small, medium, and large leaks
  • Simple drag and drop model building
  • Software based system, no hardware or new infrastructure required when data is transferred from existing control systems
  • Suitable for both gas and liquid pipelines where an online model is installed for applications such as composition tracking and inventory calculations