Shear Pin Valve

Shear Pin Valve

Shear Pin Valve

In processes where high capacity and instantaneous flow are required, the EnviroValve Shear-Pin is the answer. The EnviroValve Shear-Pin Valve is different from other traditional pin valves.  Traditional pin valves open by failing the pin under compression.  The EnviroValve Shear-Pin does what the name implies; it shears the pin versus compressing the pin. The pins are precision machined to the web thickness and then treated to meet the opening pressure requirements. EnviroValve believes, and data confirms, that shearing the pin is a more accurate and predictable way of failing the pin causing the valve to fully open. The EnviroValve Shear-Pin Valve maintains +/-5% opening tolerance. The Shear-Pin Valve is bubble tight up to 90% of the opening pressure of the valve. This means the operating pressure can be as high as 90% of  the set pressure of the valve.

The EnviroValve Shear-Pin is cost effective and very low maintenance. The pins are housed externally which allows replacement pins to be easily installed. This design also eliminates the need to break flange bolts or lift a discharge stack. The replacement process normally takes 2 minutes or less.

  • SIZES: 1″ TO 60″

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Pressure Relief Valve



  • Failsafe
  • Leak-Tight
  • Operates In All Phases of Service
  • High Relieving Capacity
  • Not Affected by Back Pressure
  • Will not Chatter
  • Variety of Materials and Sizes
  • Wide Range of Set Pressures
  • Flow Area Comparable to Rupture Disks