Peter Paul Solenoid Valves

ZIRCO offers solenoid valves for CSA B149.3 compliant Fuel Gas Trains in conjunction with Burner Management Systems and Combustion Controllers. Peter Paul Solenoid Valves are ideal for these applications as they are both C/I rated and CSA Certified. Low watt versions are available for use with Solar Systems.
Already a very common fixture at well heads, storage tanks and transfer points for natural gas, burner management systems allow natural gas producers to control fugitive gases by burning them off prior to release into the atmosphere. Peter Paul valves also play many rolls in the control and storage of gas and oil from well heads, pump systems, storage tanks and the heating units used to control the viscosity of stored crude oil. Whether developing a new system or replacing a valve for an installed system, ZIRCO has the products and the knowledge and to get you the right answers and the right part for all of your solenoid valve requirements.


Peter Paul hazardous location valves are used where fire or explosion hazards exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers. Explosion Proof valves are recommended, or in some cases compulsory, where a high level of protection from explosion is required.
Series/ModelStd. Port SizePressure (PSI)Flow (CV)Size (h x w)”
E50/E521/8″ NPT0 – 500.022 – .2302.48 x 2.25
EL50/EL521/8″ NPT0 – 120.020 – .0752.48 x 1.44
ELL50/ELL521/8″ NPT0 – 120.0222.48 x 1.44
50EW/EW521/8″ NPT0 – 1000.022 – .2922.48 x 2.09
50ELW/ELW521/8″ NPT0 – 600.022 – .2922.48 x 1.20
50ELLW/ELLW521/8″ NPT0 – 120.0222.48 x 1.20
20/E221/8″ or 1/4″ NPT0 – 500.024 – .7003.25 x 2.63
20/E22 C/I1/4″ NPT0 – 50.4043.25 x 2.63
20/EH221/8″ or 1/4″ NPT0 – 5000.010 – .1003.25 x 2.63
80/E8273/8″,1/2″or 3/4″ NPT0 – 1004.0 – 5.0up to 3.79 x 2.83
80/E8283/8″ to 3″ NPT3 – 2004.0 – 98up to 11.74 x 8.82
80/E828 C/I3/4″ to 1 1/2″ NPT3 – 305.8 – 29up to 4.5 x 4.5