Jatco Shell & Tube Eliminator System

Jatco Shell & Tube Eliminator System

The JATCO Shell & Tube Style

jatco_shell_tubeBTEX Eliminator System is a counter flow stainless steel tube and bundle heat exchanger condensing system used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOC vapors from the dehydrator still column.

Condensed liquids are collected into the JATCO Tank, then automatically transferred to storage. The residual VOC vapors are sent to the re-boiler main burner.

This closed loop system eliminates BTEX and VOC emissions, not to mention pay for itself by generating revenue from burner fuel savings and condensate recovery.

Environmental Tank

environmental_tankThe JATCO Environmental Tank is designed to prevent soil and ground water pollution generated by oil and gas production, transportation, and refining operations. It protects our environment while saving time and money previously spent on clean up and maintenance. Our systems have been designed specifically with soil pollution prevention and water pollution prevention in mind.

Vapour Recovery Unit

vapour_recovery_unitThe Jatco Vapor Recovery Unit (JVR) was designed to recover VOC vapors at low pressure and re-inject into compressor suction or pressurized flare line by using high pressure to drive gas across a Venturi ejector. Our System uses Kimray control valves to operate the Venturi suction only as needed, instead of full time drive gas operation. The JVR can be used to remote field application with no electrical requirement. This system has various applications including storage tank vapors, glycol dehydrators condenser vapors, etc.