New partnerships!:

ZIRCO has recently partnered with Custom Sensors & Technology, Atmos International, and Chromatic Industries.

Custom Sensors & Technology has been dedicated, to providing customers with robust integrated process monitoring equipment and accessories. They have 35 years of experience designing sample handling systems for industries such as food/beverage, pulp/paper, pharmaceutical/bio-processing, and chemical/petrochemical. In addition to sample handling systems, they also offer UV/Vis/NIR fluorescence and absorbance photometric analyzers, oxygen sensors and transmitters, H2S scrubbers, and a variety of fiber optic probes and accessories.

Atmos International (Atmos) is dedicated to pipeline technology. Atmos provides pipeline leak detection, theft detection, and simulation technology to the oil, gas, water, and associated industries.

Chromatic Industries prides themselves on developing, engineering and manufacturing truly state-of-the-art valve technology. Their goal is to achieve a new level of innovation in valve performance and sealing integrity. Their specialty engineered valves are focused in the gas process, pipeline, power, and petro-chemical and drilling markets.