EPG Companies

pumpsEPG Companies’ patented SurePump™ Sump Drainers provide superior performance and accurate liquid level reading for horizontal side slope riser and vertical sump applications. The SurePump™ pump is completely sealed, built with stainless steel for harsh environments and unlike competitor models, draws liquid over or past the motor to maximize cooling and extend pump life.

At least four wheels are in contact with the side slope riser pipe at all times and the submersible level sensor is mounted along the center axis of the sump drainer to assure an accurate level reading no matter how the pump turns.

Control Panels

controls_panelThe integration of leachate and gas condensate equipment, sensors, monitors and process controllers requires the knowledge of an EPG professional with the experience and expertise to understand the overall operational requirements of even the most complex systems. Factors including site requirements, component characteristics, load demand and input/output informational parameters are carefully considered.

EPG Companies Inc., “L” Series PumpMaster controllers are UL listed 508A/698A, designed to operate a pump motor(s) and auxiliary equipment in manual or automatic mode. The enclosures are equipped with a window in the outer door, an inner door, a stainless steel drip shield, and a tamper resistant latch. The NEMA 4 (standard) enclosures are finished with polyester urethane paint. The NEMA 4X (optional) enclosures can be either stainless steel or non-metallic

Level Sensor

The LevelMaster™ Level Sensor, A fully submersible and extremely accurate liquid level sensor with outstanding noise immunity, SS housing, built-in temperature compensation and precise calibration.