About Us

ZIRCO is a leading of supplier of instrumentation and environmental equipment for the Oil and Gas and Petro Chemical industries and land fill applications. Our headquarters is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When we started our business over 30 years ago we discovered things hadn’t changed much since the 1940′s and there were very few tank appurtenances available in the Canadian market. Local manufacturers bought dead weight hatches from a long defunct Nisku foundry and fabricated their own flame arrested burner housings from steel.

We went to the United States in search of quality manufacturers of tank appurtenances. We met up with both Enardo and Flameco in Tulsa, OK in 1983 and these companies are still the foundation of who we are today.

We continue to enthusiastically search for manufacturers of quality products that solve the environmental and technological challenges faced by our clients each day. We are proud to say we now represent 10 Manufacturers from around the world.